Monday, April 24, 2017

trombone quartet for the masses

Whoa, second to last blog post coming at ya

I guess trombone quartets have been on my mind lately because I got another group of beer loving, trombone playing fools that I am excited to write about in my second to last blog post. This is a group of guys that formed a group at North Texas University and they go by the name Maniacal four trombone quartet. I heard about these guys a few years ago because they won the quartet competition that the ITA hosts every year and have launched that into a career that is the envy of trombone quartets. They have since toured internationally and released two CD's. I love this group vibe and their energy is infectious. They have gone a decidedly different route than most trombone quartets and have a largely rock driven show. Check out their viral video on Carry on Wayward sons.

I love the mass appeal these guys are getting. Carry On dudes, carry on. 

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