Monday, April 24, 2017

The beginning of the End

Well, here we are. twenty four brass ensemble blog posts later. My how the time has passed. Thank you to professor Manning for being a great professor. This has been a fun exploration of brass ensembles and every thing related. The beers, the brass... at times I wonder if there is more to life, but I seriously doubt anything can make me feel that special feeling the way a room temperature stout at Lions bridge while the brass quintet kicks into their first set of the evening. I truly feel fortunate to have taken the time to examine the ins and the outs of the brass ensemble world. With that I am excited to say that one of my last performances of the year with the University of Iowa will be largely brass ensemble focused. This Wednesday Louis Hanzlik of the ABQ is coming to the University of Iowa for what will be a brassapuluza, a brasstacular, and mind blowing feat of brassgasms..... sorry about that.

The evening will feature the Iowa Brass Quintet, with former member David Greenhoe, and my current trombone teacher Dr. David Gier. Cake trio will take the stage for the last time in the forseable future playing the first movement of the Poulenc brass trio, and the evening will conclude with a triple quintet performing two pieces. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser, so please stop by if you are free.

On a a final note, I have been thinking a lot about brass ensembles in all their shapes and sizes. The richness they add to the musical tapestry. The friendships formed over playing chamber music and drinking beer. I almost can't imagine other people lives, that do not involve healthy doses of both.

I was also thinking, I have noticed a strong tie between brass players and love of coffee as well. On my walk to school this morning I had a strange thought. Why do brass players love coffee and beer?  Do we just love mood altering chemicals, do we enjoy the finer things life has to offer, does love of coffee and beer permeate all fields this deeply. I've always thought musicians share the same mentalities as chefs, and comics. We work when others don't, our careers are less defined and more open to our personalities, and we seem to live life harder than everyone else.... well whatever. See you all later, thanks for the good times, hopefully we run into each other over a beer, or in a brass ensemble.

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