Monday, April 24, 2017

Group presentation 3/29/2016

I love days like these where we all show up with are favorite brass ensemble recordings. It's like playing pokemon (or so I would imagine) where we all show up with what we think are strong recordings and make them battle to see whose recording reigns superior. Totally kidding... kind of.

Kenken's contribution 

Sonata for horn tuba and piano-- Kulesha

The instrumentation of this ensemble is really fun. Both the horn and tuba provide nice round conical sounds that blend well, but also cover a wide tessatura. The piano adds a lot the rhythmic grooves, for the tuba and horn to play over. The playing by Eastern Standard is excellent. The recording has a warm sound, and the harmonies and melodic lines are well executed.

Anna's piece

 Daft Punk Brass remix

 Vigilanre Brass Doin' it wrong

This recording is straight baller. I have never heard Vigilante brass before but they are also pretty tight.

Mark's Piece

Electronic tuba. Yes please. I think the piece we listened to was the chicken and the egg. It was a funky piece for brass ensemble that utilizes Electronic tuba to play the "bass" line. Like Seinfield style bass lines. This piece was a lot of fun to listen too, with really excellent solos by a trumpet with plunger and trombone.

I did Jesus is coming


Brass septet Imperial -- Sibelius

Overture in F minor

This is a nice traditional piece


Piece for horn for horn ensemble

piece for eight horns. Group is from Thailand and played the piece from memory.

Farewell to the red Castle-- Kerry Turner

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