Monday, April 10, 2017

class listening party 4/5

These class listening parties have turned into great listening experiences for me. It is always fun to discover pieces you had no idea existed. Here is last Wednesday's account our ABEL class produced.

Anna's offering

Fugue in D minor (Original in G) Arr. Mexi Budapest Festival Horn Quartet

Miklos Nagy
Laszio Rakos
Laszio Gal
Tibor Maruzsa

The horn quartet is a really nice vehicle for these Bach Fugue pieces because of the different colors and the size of tessatura available to the instrument. I have heard this piece played by trombone quartet (the Puerto Rican trombone quartet does this piece from memory.) This groups arrangement really exploited the potential of the horn in terms of registers and dynamics. Also the trills were great.

Kenken's choices 

Victory Fanfare by Benhamin Blasko

Tromba Mundi- group

This was an interesting piece for trumpet ensemble playing in front of a wind ensemble. This composer sounds like he has borrowed liberally from John Williams, and at times things sounded pretty Star Warsish (Warsy... Warsyish?). There were also some minimalist element sections such as an ostinado played by a mallet instrument and later going to the clarinets. This music was very exciting to listen to, and well orchestrated. It also at times had a western vibe. I liked the variety of styles and the overall tonal atmosphere of the piece.

Mark's offereings

Divertimento for Brass and Percussion

Karel Husa 4-3-3-1 (2)

I. Overture
II. Scerzo
III Song
IV Slovak Dance

UNT Brass choir

E.M Corporan- conductor

Nice overture

Second movement start with muted brass. This piece sounds like a typical Husa composition. I think the tempo could have been a little faster for a scherzo.

III. I really liked this movement titled song. It reminded me of the second movement of the Plog Octet in the static harmonies in the beginning, and than the introduction of the lyrical trumpet solo. Beautiful piece of music here.

Evan Fowler's offering

Clarino Quartet

Ellen Taffe Zwillich

Thiery Gervias

I. Maestoso

This piece had a really unique sound. Utilizing piccolo and E flat trumpet and having two C trumpets on the bottom. This is a contemporary work and not exactly easy listening. The trumpet is great for virtuosic passages as well as playing high notes. This ensemble executed this piece very admirably.

Komsun's Piece
Jazz Suite for Four horns
Harpischord, guitar Bass, and Drum

1. Horns o plenty

This piece has is an interesting pairing of horns, jazz, and harpsichord. Not the most obvious choices, but I thought it worked well. I don't know if I would want to to hear a whole concert of this music but it was definitely interesting experience.

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