Monday, April 24, 2017

Summer is coming

Any Game of thrones fans out there?

Summer is just around the bend here and you know what that means right??? Brass bands around the country are dusting off their khaki pants, and oiling up those alto horn valves because it is about to be BRASS BAND TIME.

The American brass band seems to be one of the last refuges for mostly amateur musicians to get together and make music in an ensemble setting. It's not fourth of July unless you are at your local park grilling meats, drinking a miller lite, and listen to your community brass band stumble through an array of military tunes.

I love the throw back feel of listening to brass band. It's almost like what is the opposite of abusing social media and electronic equipment.... listening to a brass band outside on a hot summer afternoon playing music that you only hear in the summer.

I guess that I only hear in the summer, I suppose if you play in a military band you probably hear this music year round... but anywho.

I guess this post is dedicated to all those weekend warriors, that maintain their chops for ten short weeks of summer concertizing. They look forward to the nights when they have to tell their wives (and husbands) "I have a rehearsal/concert/gig tonight, I'll be home around 11". They get to live the dream for the summer, and than come labor day they put their horns back in their cases and rejoin the civilians with a blissful look in their eye.

Sorry... I did a thing there. I really do like amateur musicians. Without them there would be no one in our audience at concerts, and their energy is infectious. I think sometimes it is easy to fill trapped in this profession. I have often thought the phrase, "this is all I know, this is all I'm good at, what else would I do with myself." For these amateur players, they get to come out for a short time each year, and enjoy the music making process knowing that this is a just a small part of their lives for them to enjoy. I envy that distance they are able to maintain between their level of playing and self worth. I know for me and my colleagues, when we go and have a bad night, we take it very personally and it is difficult to not associate your worth as a person, with your degree of execution that night.

Carry on Brass Bands of America, carry on.

I enjoy my brass bands outside, in the shade with a nice cold
Image result for miller lite

Miller Lite! The key is to stay hydrated during those long summer days. Till next time friends.

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  1. I have yet to go to a fourth of July event featuring a brass band, but maybe this year I'll search one out! I really do appreciate amateur players as well, I think they are actually smarter than us in some regards because they chose to have a career that actually makes money...

    I am completely against your beer choice however, either Oberon or Blue Moon would definitely be a better summer beer and not taste like carbonated water.