Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Special Talents

As I have been sharing my love of beer and brass with my friends and colleagues the suggestions for upcoming posts have been pouring in.

Have you ever googled "Man playing trumpet while balancing beer"??? Well if you haven't you are in for a treat. This my friends is dedication meets talent in a nutshell.

This is a one man trumpet ensemble. Happy Beer drinking friends!

I will say that apart of me really likes what this guy is doing. I think it is easy as music students and professional musicians it is easey to get caught up in taking everything too seriously. I've seen many talented players put their horns away the day they graduate because they lost sight of why they went into music in the first place. They get burned out on all the pressures of attending school for a music degree. 

 I find it refreshing when I talk to people that have no other ambitions in their brass playing but to have fun and enjoy playing. 

Due to the German, polka type vibe happening in this video I feel it is appropriate to throw out one of my favorite German beers

Image result for hofbrau beer

Hofbrau! I went to Germany in 2012 with Axiom and was introduced to how Germans drink their beer. I loved the glasses you order your beer in have lines indicating where the glass should be filled up to. (I think this is actually required by law) We would order beer by the liter. Either .3, .5, or 1.

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  1. Absolutely agree. Sometime 'real world' tend to be too tough if we are not ready. To be able to enjoy what we are doing is the most important thing.