Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Chicago Brass

Hey there friendos,

 This post is about yet another Chicago brass ensemble, the New Chicago Brass. In their own words:

 "A fresh take on the classic style, New Chicago Brass (NCB) represents the cutting-edge generation of high-quality brass performance in Chicago. Since its inception in 2012, the ensemble – in various combinations of trumpets, horns, trombones, and tuba – has amazed audiences throughout the Chicagoland area with its resplendent sound and virtuosic playing." 

New Chicago Brass is taking the torch from the another Chicago based brass ensemble, the Millar Brass and carrying on the tradition of brass ensemble to the next generation in a fresh, more hip kind of way. New Chicago Brass was originally made up entirely of Civic Alumni, but has since had some members move out of the area. They are not afraid to put on a concert of modern works by composers such as Sampson, Premru, Berezowsky, Plog. 

They have not produced much in the way of recordings yet but you can check out a cool promo video of them and their story at:

speaking of upcoming events; your beloved author will be joining the New Chicago Brass on March 5th for a great concert of brass ensemble music in Arlington Heights, Il. 

you can check out the events page on FB at this link

The New Chicago Brass has regularly exploits peoples love of brass music and want of beer. They have held fund raisers at Revolution Brewery in Logan Square, and regularly through beer centric receptions post concerts when allowed. I love both ideas. Nothing seems to go better than world class brass playing and fantastic beer. Cheers to Revolution Brew, and to the New Chicago Brass!

I use to be obsessed with IPA's when I first moved to Chicago and often turned to Revolution Breweries flagship IPA when I felt the need to quench my thirst with something more hoppy and less stouty. So here ya go.

 Image result for anti hero ipa 

This is the one and only Anti- hero IPA. It's tasty... on a side note this is also the beer my girlfriend's mom orders when we go out. BOLD.

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  1. I hadn't heard about the New Chicago Brass before, thanks for the post! Hope your concert with them went well. Good choice as far as the beer goes, or should I say "BOLD choice."