Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Beer and Brass music

 So I was going to share this a while ago, but it got put on the back burner when the semester started. Professor Manning sent me a great link to a blog by Stanley Curtis titles Beer and Brass Music.

In this blog post Mr. Curtis points our attention to the fact that it was the beer drinking areas of Europe that produced brass instruments, while the wine drinking areas produced string instruments.

Should this be looked into further? Does wine = snobby = string player, while beer = laid back = brass players?

 While that correlation is nice and tidy, I personally don't believe things are that simple. For one, you can be just as snobby about beer as you can about wine. However, there does seem to be something to this idea. Mr. Curtis makes a fantastic claim that we brass players actually owe our lively hoods to beer.

I also like Mr. Curtis' attempts to give each famous brass ensemble a beer of choice. I have been more or less attempting to do this in some of my earlier blogs and it is turning out to be much harder than I initially suspected. I am imagine my knowledge of beer is not well rounded enough. Further research definitely required. For now though, check out his blog post and let me know if you agree or disagree with his pairings for the ensembles. I think some of them are a little of the cuff. Negro Modelo for Boston Brass? I dunno, to me they should have been paired with Sam Adams due to the whole east coast thing. Catch you guys later.


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