Friday, March 31, 2017

Kenken's presentation

John Williams – music for brass
National brass ensemble--  I liked the tuba lines in the middle of the piece. Very easy to listen to sounded tonal. I liked the different contrasting sections. Virtuosic writing for all the instruments. This is on the CD they recorded in Sonoma in 2014. 

Jan Koetsier - was a guitarist but wrote a brass symphony. Whoa. 

Ten things

n  Rondo -- played by an all female brass ensemble. reminds me a little of the Bourme sextet in way there moving individual lines create polyphony and harmony. It sounded romantic at times, and then would give way to more contemporary harmonies. 

Luminosity- Di Lorenzo 

Reminded me of Star wars. 
Copland sounding line in the horn during middle section. Very open sounding? A mix of Ewazen and Copland? 
Messiah College Brass Choir? Luminosity, 

Brass Quintet 
Gaelic Variations -- John Cheetum 
Faculty brass quintet IUP
folk song, opening reminds me of Lord of the rings. 
The middle section sounds like they are playing an articulation game that I use to play in Axiom. We would play Bach Chorales but each note was played staccatissimo. 

Really enjoyed the immitative texture between the tuba and rest of the ensemble in another section. 
The work as a whole is 14 minutes in one movement. 

In the Bleak MidWinter 
IUP Brass quintet

Very cool arrangement. I played an arrangement of this in Axiom Brass that a little more traditional. I like the contrapuntal lines that were added. I liked that the lines became more active as the piece went on. Also the staccato muted trumpet in the middle was a interesting addtion. 

Poopy Pants Blues Adam Rapa

written by Adam Rapa in a very short period of time. 
released in 2006 on the alblum life on the road. 
The vocal effects in the beginning do sound like they are produced with an instrument. Also it sounds like there was a trombone in the mix, but apparently is was all just trumpet ensemble. 

Tuba quartet- Riverbottom Quartet
Calypso by Adam Rappa
"party piece"
sounds like la bamba and Mario brothers
has that steel drum quality to it. 

Crooked Dance -David Sampson 
Maryland Brass trio

Sounds like a Sampson work in that the harmonies are tonal but are not operating in the traditional harmonic progressions. Also the tempo changes from 3/4 to in 1 feel at to the crooked dance like feel. Sounds more like a march than a dance. 

Extreme Makeover  for brass band. 

Black Dyke Brass Band. 
Harrisons Dream Peter Grahm
written for navy personal that passed in ship accident(s)
Cory Band

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