Friday, March 31, 2017

Anna Marshall's class listening presentation

Kerry Turner- Casbah of Tetouan (1990) 

Horn Quintet

American Horn Quartet 1991

David Johnson
Charles Putnam
Kerry Turner
Geoffrey Winter

I knew this piece from playing the brass quintet version at Roosevelt University. This piece is really fun to play, and the different scenes depict a busy middle eastern market. We hear a lot of modal scales to give it that gypsy flavor. The horn arrangement works very well. I love the auxiliary percussion effects, and they are a lot of fun to play. When I did this piece at Roosevelt I had to do the whistles during the horn cadenza-ish type solo. It was always a great time.


Stven Snowden - Take This Hammer (2008)

Tuba euphonium Quartet

Sotto Voce Quartet

Demondrae Thurman- Euphonium
Mark Carlson- Euphonium
Nat McIntosh- Tuba
Mike Forbes - Tuba

quote from Snowden ( I wanted to address the working-class roles that these instruments often occupy in large ensembles and how this character trait could be brought to life in a chamber setting.)

This piece start out sounding very nice and traditional and than launches into a rhythmic section that sounded like it was utilizing someone slapping their mouthpiece while the euphonium players used false tones. This piece is very hip sounding and not your daddy's euph quartet piece.


Lennon and Mccartney Penny Lane Arr. Chhristopher Dedrick

Brass Quintet
Live Performance 2013 Canadian Brass

Caleb Hudson
Chris Coletti
Eric Reed
Achilles Liarmakopolulos
Chuck Daellenback

I love the extended piccolo solo arrangement, and it doesn't get much better than hearing Caleb Hudson nail the solo. He is one of my favorite trumpet players right now, and his video of himself playing unaccompanied bach on youtube is mind blowing. Also Achilles on trombone is a force or nature. This group often gets pigeonholed as a group that goes for the entertaining value over artistry, but as far as talent goes this is it for me.


Jean-Francois Michel Suite Pour Trompette, Cor et Trombone (1994)

I. Overture
II. Nocturne
III. Allegro

brass trio

uncommon ground CD 2014
Amy Schendel- Trumpet
Bernhard Scully- Horn
Todd Schendel- Trombone

The more I listen to brass trio music the less I find myself enjoying it. However, this piece I find really interesting. I like the open horn solo at the beginning and the way the instruments are introduced one at a time.

 Nocturne- is a really beautiful movement.

I like the rythmic energy of the mixed meters

James Horner Arr. Richard Bissill- Titanic Fntasy (1998-2004)

Horn ensemble
Vienna Horns, CD 2004
Vienna Horn Ensemble

This piece is a fun one to listen to, and brings back memories of seeing the movie in the theater. It does ride the line of being a little cheesy at times, but overall manages to capture the beauty of the pieces that were played in the movie. Listening to horn ensemble play "My Heart Will Go On" just seems a little silly at times.

John Williams -- Music For Brass 2014

National Brass Ensemble

I was at the the concert that this piece was premiered on. This ensemble is the most exciting brass ensemble to watch and listen too. Last fall I was able to sit in on a discussion with Micheal Sachs one of the trumpet players in this group and it was great hearing him talk about his experiences with this group. This is music making by the greatest brass players in the world who are also having a great time. I think that enthusiasm for playing in this group comes though in the way the play together. Sachs mentioned that he is trying to get more projects for this group, but schedules and money are big obstacles. The John Williams piece I think it fun to listen to with a lot of angular melodies and rhythmic motives. It was fun to hear this in Chicago because it was a nice contrast to the mostly Gabrelli heavy program. Speaking of which, think about how crazy it would be if someone invented a time machine, went back in time, kidnapped Gabrielli and than brought him to that concert. How different his music must have sounded in the 1600's being played on sacbut and conetti.

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